Tennis elbow is a common condition when the outside of the elbow becomes sore and tender and usually the pain does not spread down the arm. The symptoms appear gradually and they can result in significant pain. It’s most commonly seen in people who are aged between 30 and 50.


Most people will have a history of repeated activities that involve gripping and loading through the wrist. This may be related to a sports activity such as tennis or squash or occupations such  as carpenters, bricklayers or factory workers. It can also be seen in people who spend a lot of time using computers. The repeated activity overloads and aggravates the tendon at the elbow and results in pain.


With this condition you may feel:

  • A dull ache over the elbow
  • Pain and difficulties when trying to grip objects, especially with a straight arm
  • A weakened grip
  • Soreness when touching the elbow
  • Pain when straightening the elbow

What can you do?

  • Rest from activities that aggravate the symptoms
  • Carry objects close to the body
  • Carry objects with your palm up

Treatment of tennis elbow

A Physiotherapist can provide an assessment or examination to help determine the source of pain and develop a treatment plan. The aim of treatment for this condition is to reduce pain and restore function to the arm.

The current evidence indicates that a combination of physiotherapy techniques and targeted exercises to strengthen the tendon provide the most effective way to treat tennis elbow. This will allow people to become pain free and return sports or full activities at work.