5-steps-to-kicking-lower-back-pain1) Strengthen: Learn how to strengthen your core safely and precisely. Physiotherapy can precisely teach you under real time ultrasound how to activate your “real core” helping you strengthen and prevent ongoing lower back pain. This will not only get you out of pain but IMPROVE your ability to exercise and strengthen!!

2) Alignment: Ensure that your joints are well aligned with your Chiropractor to ensure proper nervous system function and adequate muscle firing!

3) Keep Moving: Within 48 hours of inactivity our muscles start to weaken which can mean a weaker and more vulnerable back. There is no substitute for keeping your body moving even for short pain free walks.

4) Squat to better lifting: There is never a time when lifting without bending your knees is good for your back. The forces that go through your back at this moment leave you very vulnerable to lower back disc issues which can affect you for life. BEND your knees!!

5) Improve your posture: The human body was designed to move. We have managed to create a world where we sit up to 10 hours a day at a desk. Simple result is lethargic, weak bodies and vulnerable backs. Whats the solution?? Get up for 10 seconds every hour (set a reminder on your computer!), make sure your desk is ergonomically set up (ask our Physiotherapists how), and make sure that you balance your body at lunch time with a short walk. It can seem like a time demand, but this discipline will ensure the time you spend off is not in pain or constantly  at the doctor!

6) Get fit: Excessive weight is one of the main causative factors of low back pain. An increase in body fat increases the compression on the vertebrae and discs and further reduces range of motion. Ask our physiotherapists how to safely prepare your body for the training to lose weight to ensure you don’t get hurt along the way.

7) Maintain your body: Your body is like a car engine. Treat it like a beat up Datsun and thats the performance you can expect. Treat it like a Ferrari and you will feel better, move faster and have a much more rewarding lifestyle. What does maintenance mean? It means maintaining your bodies bones, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Call us today to have an accurate, specific and evaluation of how to rebuild your engine!

At Encompass Health Care, we have formulated the perfect balance between Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage to ensure we have the best technicians tuning your body for the best results.