Deadlifting has been the subject of much debate lately, particularly with the increasing popularity of Cross Fit and other power lifting exercise regimes. Some argue that it is the ultimate lifting exercise, engaging almost every major muscle group of the body, while others argue that it is ‘a back injury waiting to happen. So which is it? Are deadlifts a safe inclusion in your gym program?

Deadlifting can actually be a very beneficial exercise however it requires perfect technique, most importantly hamstring flexibility and hip mobility – enough for you to be able to bend and pick up the weight from the floor without rounding your back.

As soon as you lift anything with your back out of a neutral position, you are shifting all that force exactly where you do NOT want it – your delicate spine. When you consider the fact that lifting any weight with a rounded back increases the force through the spine by tenfold, it is incredibly easy to see why so many back injuries – especially to the shock-absorbing discs – occur with poor lifting technique.

To safely deadlift you will need:

1) adequate hamstring flexibility
2) adequate hip mobility
3) powerful core muscles for stability

All in all, the deadlift can be a safe exercise as long as you take your time and ensure you’ve got all aspects of your lifting technique in check.
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